This is a magical kit that is all natural and works like magic! This is a four step HYPERPIGMENTATION treatment that consist of Step #1.CLEANING- With our Annipuf origianl melanin bar a organic black soap (a product of africa) made with plantains, shea butters and skin nourishing oils made to nataurlly clean and lighten the skin. Step #2.PREPING the skin- With our Annipuf Special SugarScrub made with our natuaral skinlightening ingredients. This step is to exfoliate the area that you will be treating. Exfolitaion is a very importrant step and should not be skipped in order to ensure maximum results. step #3.TREATING- With our Annipuf MAGIC PIGMENT PASTE  a magical blend of natural ingridients that target dark hyperpigmentaed areas, This step is the true magic.This protuct is a thick paste that acts like a natural skin dye. It goes on skin easy and is removed after 20 min with warm water or a warm cloth. Step #4.PROTECT this step is to nourish,seal and protect treated area after every treament. For armpits this is our lemon skin lightening moisterising pretty pit pop that works as a armpit mousterrizer nourishing the skin that has just been treated. For all other parts of the body that will be treating such as kness, neck or elbows use our G.L.O oil instead of the pretty pit pop after every treatment. We recomend 2x a week treatments. Pretty Pit Pops can be used daily for under arms.


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  • All Annipuf  products are 100% natural and are skin safe. If any irrtation occurs discontinue use immeditly. Please check all ingridents if you are alergic to any ingridents in our products.

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